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Welcome To The Ancient Dance School!


Are you looking for an authentic ancient dance school where you can submerse yourself in learning classical Indian & Middle Eastern dance?

At the Ancient Dance School we work with you to develop your mind, body and spirit through ancient dance. With international Ancient Dance Master Instructor Signe Ramstrom, you will immerse yourself in dance art.

Experience a real, authentic, sacred dance training with a deep involvement into the rich traditions of classical Indian and Middle Eastern dance forms, as well as drumming, rhythmic chanting, and Natcha yoga. Signe balances all training with meditation, contemplation and a deep communion with nature in stunningly beautiful surroundings.  The Ancient Dance School is the place for you deepen your communion with your soul through the dance.

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At The Ancient Dance School, internationally-trained sacred dance performer and Master instructor Signe Ramstrom taps into the essential sacredness and peace of your whole being--body, mind, and spirit. 

Through training and transmission, Signe uses the power and grace of the ancient dance forms of Kathak Classical Indian Dance, Egyptian Folkloric, Oriental and Middle Eastern Belly Dance, as well as other sacred arts, to evoke your own potent experience of their practice.  Come learn how to enrich your modern life through ancient dance!

As a Master Ancient Dance instructor, Signe's motivation is to help you experience the richness and traditions of the sacred Indian and Middle Eastern dance styles while at the same time instilling the sacred spiritual energy of the art form so that you have a deep understanding and gracefulness while dancing these sacred art forms.