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Classical Indian Temple Dance

Kathak Workshops


Have you wanted to dance the Ancient Dances?


The practice of Ancient movements creates a shift in consciousness and heals the mind, body, and soul. katak redLike the drums and ragas of classical Indian music, the temple dances create a state of consciousness, and the rhythm in the feet and the body tell the stories of the deities and you become one with the story . . . there is a transmission that is created and you feel it.

The fastest way to reach your goal in dancing, healing, and living your life to the fullest is in private study of the dance. This is how it as has been, passed down since ancient times from teacher to student  for thousands of years.

In private study, the teacher can focus on you and your needs to best develop your dancing ability to reach your goals with your Dance and the Dance of Life, healing the body, mind, and soul to dance as one.

Dance in such a way that your dance becomes One with everything.– Pandit Ram Narayan Misra (Guruji of Chitresh Das)

In these workshops, you will learn the basics of Kathak Classical Indian Temple Dance. You will be guided through this ancient language of movement that engages the mind with reciting the language of the dance, then you will bringing it into movement gently and with easement to bliss. For more information about the history of Kathak Dance, visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathak

All Dance training begins

with Natcha Yoga

Healing with Natcha Yoga Level One

The Three principles of Aligning the body, mind, and soul

  1. The breath
  2. Grounding
  3. Heart expanding
  4. Dancing from a unified focus.
  5. Holding this state we move into yoga, dance stretches, and energy medicine, opening the body like a lotus flower to dance freely.

Beginning Levelpurple-lotus-flower

  • Dance Repertoire
  • Pranam (Invocation)
  • Vilambit Laya  (Compositions in slow speed in Teen Tal)
  • Tutcar (basic foot work)
  • Nritta (pure dance technique and exercises)
  • Tala (rhythmical patterns)
  • Chakras (turns)


A Yellow Dupatta (veil) will be presented with certification on passing the test.

Intermediate Level

Natcha Yoga Level One

  • Dance Repertoire
  • Madhaya Laya – double the speed of Vilambit Tal- compositions
  • Rhythmical mathjatis & Tihai (rhythmic phrases/patterns repeated three times)
  • Chakras (turns) in dance compositions
  • Thaat with subtle movements with eyes, neck, wrist, and upper torso
  • Aamad dance compositions using “Ta thei tat”
  • Gat Nikas an elegant and graceful stance is held, moving to a stylized walk/gait


A Green Dupatta-(veil)  will be presented with certification on passing the test.  


Advanced  Level

Natcha Yoga Level One

  • Dance Repertoire
  • Uthaan -short quick and light in movement compositions ending with a Thaat
  • Druta Laya compositions in fast speed
  • Gat Bhava-this it is the most ancient root of the dance where a story is rendered using the language of gesture, facial expression.  Popular stories -Goverdhan Leela (Krishna lifting the mountain)  Kaliya Daman (Krishna subduing the serpent King)
  • Makhan Chori (stealing the butter)
  • Tarana -musical compositions in a selected Raga
  • Red Duptta (Veil) will be presented with certification on passing the test.
  • Teacher Certification is available upon completion of all levels.
  • Blue/Aqua Dupatta (Veil) will be presented for teacher certification.


You can test  to move to the next level in a year or when you are ready.

Testing Fee for each level $111.00


All testing is to be done at ADS (Ancient Dance School)

Testing is based on mastering the Dance Repertoire and teachings  ADS (Ancient Dance School) stresses practice, practice, practice, and theory to prepare yourself for the day.  You must complete the process yourself, we will support you to achieve this with Natcha yoga, healing, mind, body, and soul.

Private study is available on location or on Skype

(3 private workshops a week = a Total of 12 workshops)

One fifteen minute check in call per week

Private Study Monthly Tuition $2008


….To dance is to be free….

To dance is to be free,

To fly,

To soar,

To leave the world behind.

To dance is to become one with the movement

           And the music,

To stretch inside and out,

           To be swept away body and soul.

By Oliva Gail -Parker